Christmas is coming

Back when I was a child to Christian parents December held a greater significance than other months. This was because it’s within the last month of the year that the protagonist from season 1 of the Bible celebrates his birthday. The series was popular among subscribers back in the 80s before The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad were available on cable.

Despite being an unlicensed expansion pack to a couple of existing ideas Bible season 1 was a hit. To this day it is widely accepted among fans as the only truly licensed content to feature those vibrant characters and that exciting world set in the wonderfully wild & ancient middle east.

Whether it’s the colleagues being raptured from around you due to planned leave or the festively discounted liquor – Christmas is coming. This happens once a year and nobody can stop it; not you, not the Vengabus. You might notice the moment it changes first but once it’s on, Jesus Christ, it’s on. Maybe the leaves go a different colour or your local Big Issue salesperson dons a red hat with a bell on it.

For me it’s when my local supermarket changes over to their festive season CD mix. If I haven’t heard Jagged Little Pill or Backstreet’s Back or at the very least George Michael’s ‘Faith‘ by the time I’m at the self-checkout I start to feel pretty uncomfortable. Something is up. Then it’s only a matter of seconds before I’m being aurally assaulted by the chorus from Mariah’s rendition of Santa Claus is Coming to Town which the elderly and some hipsters will remind you is merely a cover of  a folk song from the soundtrack for Bible Season One.

However you choose to spend the final days of 2014, I invite you to join me on the 28th at The Grace Darling in Collingwood where I’ll be supporting Outside The Academy playing a set of new sounds from the next testament of Nonagon. So come on down to embrace (or escape) Christmas and bring your friends for an incredible evening of live music. You can pickup a copy of The Messiah Auditions on CD and if you want I’ll sign it for you.

Nonagon | Outside The Academy | Pensive Penguin

When: Sunday 28th December 2014 [Facebook event] Where: Grace Darling Hotel, Collingwood VIC [Google Maps]

Seasons Greetings
~ Josh